we first saw Greg Staples work at Sandy Ego Comicon.

obviously, Greg is carrying the torch for all the greats we loved; Schultz, Williamson, Orlando, etc.

But Greg makes a good living in advertising – even though comics was a first love, Greg has a family. The man has to eat. He offered to do one issue for us.

Now normally, it’s best to have one guy draw your book, especially if its a limited run. It’s not unheard of to use more – jump horses mid stream, so they say – as long as the two (or more) artists compliment each other, or work for the story you’re telling.

problem is, Greg’s horse left all the other horses eating his dust.

So APOCRYPHA is in limbo.

here’s the cover for ish 7 by James Daly III

(click for more detail)

BP.7.cover copy

we think it’s still around on comixology, under Bad Planet issues 7 & 8, for those who like digital comix. hard issues were given away and sold at various conventions.

i think i still have a few left in my garage.

Bruce’s scripts are hiding somewhere on my computer.

they are great. much better than my novice efforts at BP

we will get her done, when the right artist comes along.

which i hope is sometime this decade.



BP8.pg13 copyBad Planet Page layouts_7 BP8.pg3 and 4 copy BP7page 8 copy BP7.page7 copy