Back to the Future

I’m packing my bag, they’re calling me back to deep space. Expanse starts shooting again later this month. read the script for episode 201, (season 2, ep 1) – loved it. looks like we’re starting off with a bang this year. those expanse boys sure can turn a screw. meaning they’re good with a twist. looks like a fun summer up in canadia.

i’m gonna talk to the boys and hopefully be posting some pics right here towards the end of the month. some non-spoilery type photos of regular-type stuff we do up there, like like fire off our blaster-type electric bullets, get funny haircuts, learn how to act in zero g. wait, was that a spoiler?

nah. it’s space, fer chrissakes. anyway i’ll post what i can while we’re acting all nonchalant about riding around in a spaceship, like we do it everyday.

i want everyone to know that, as requested, i did ask for my own sexbot this season. i got a lot of requests for the sexpot, er bot, and let me tell you i thought it was a grand idear. i’ve already got a name picked out: Calamity. Calamity the sexbot. got a ring to it, yeah?

hopefully, there will be some sexbot training, so me and the sexbot will look natural – like we do it everyday. okay? we’ll see how it goes. i’ll get pics.


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  1. That’s awesome, tj!! I just bought the 1st season on Tues. i can’t wait to relive the series from the beginning & maybe (eventually) make time to start reading those james s. a. corey novels people keep raving about. I’m waaaaaaaaay behind. Obviously.

    well, i think you & Calamity (perfect name) will be very happy together. 😉

    anyways….thanks for checking in! have a blast shooting the next installment, eh!! & keep those pretty pics a-comin’!

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