Bad Planet – Kickstarter UPDATE

Giant Update to our Bad Planet Kickstarter page this morning –  Video addition – Lead Designer, Chris Frechette explains the dynamic gameplay of the Bad Planet Video Game, plus the addition of world reknown creature concept genius Carlos Huante (Prometheus), and a whole lot more.

Here’s a sweet pic from RAW’s 2012 San Diego Comicon Panel where we announced the Bad Planet game – From L to R – James Daly (Bad Planet penciler), Greg Staples (Bad Planet Vol.2 Artist), Thomas Jane (Head Kimosabe), the legendary William Stout (Alien Pig Farm 3000 cover artist, Alien Worlds sequential artist), and Timmy Bradstreet (Assistant Kimosabe).

Pic by Heather Hopkins

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  1. You’re going to have a wonderful time and make some great memories. 🙂

  2. Thumbs up on the post! I’ve enjoyed reading through this site

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading through this site

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