Bad Planet Video Game on Kickstarter – CALL TO ARMS!

YES – This is a call to arms! We’re 18 days away from the deadline and we’re only 3% funded for the Bad Planet Video Game project at Kickstarter. The time to act is now. Funding this may look bleak but ‘quitting’ is not in our vocabulary. We need the RAW nation to get behind us to pull this off. Certainly we need your hard earned dollars to fund the project, but almost more importantly we need our friends and fans to help spread the word! Tweet about it, share our posts on Facebook to your friends, make your own posts, ask your friends to retweet! We have a little over two weeks to make our ask and meet our milestone, and there is absolutely no way for us to do it without you.

This is the direct link to our Bad Planet Kickstarter page home 

And here’s the link for our latest update with in-depth video describing the gameplay of our third-person adventure

We also just landed some huge talent in Creature Designer Carlos Huante (Prometheus). When Carlos found out about what we were doing he DEMANDED to be a part of it. Wow! Here’s a small sample of Carlos’ work.

Please keep up to date with us on this because after the weekend we’ll be making a major announcement/update that could be a game-changer. It has to do with talent but we’ll say no more to tease you. Next week we’ve also got more ace cards to play so stick with us!

Who’s to say we couldn’t pull off the impossible, buck the expectations and actually pull this off.
Stranger things have happened, but we can’t do it without each and every one of you!
This is a call to arms. Our sincere thanks to the RAW Nation!

Talk about this project on the RAW FORUMS. We’ll do our best to answer any questions.



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