Black Ops III promo poster

Bradstreet reporting . . . I took a vacation. I’m back. Nice to be here. I have a lot to catch folks up on but I generally let art do the talking . Stick around. Lots of bitchin’ artwork coming. In December I began design on a project for Activision/Treyarch. Pretty cool since I’m a fan of the Call of Duty game franchise. Even got to work on my favorite element of the property . . . Zombies. Like, World War II era Zombies. Like, Where Eagles Dare, except the Wehrmacht are reanimated corpses. I had a blast. Great folks at Activision. Big thanks to my art director/editor, Graham Hagmaier. These guys are amazing to work with. Poster was released into the public in January at all game outlets.


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  1. Pat Kennedy says:

    Good to see you back at the drawing board. Quite literally!

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