In the 1980s, Bruce Jones iconic ALIEN WORLDS and TWISTED TALES picked up the mantle of EC science fiction and horror short stories.



They are classics in their own right.

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alien_worlds_2 AW.3


Bruce had some old stories stashed away. After he wrote Bad Planet II for us, we suggested he write some new ones and put together a one shot special edition of ALIEN WORLDS.



That was in 2012. Remember, the world was going to end?

After that didn’t happen, we’ve been slowly collating art for ALIEN WORLDS.

AW.PG1 copy AW.Best Laid_Page 1 copy


We’ve got a couple stories to go, and when we’ve got her all bandaged up like a runaway space-bride, we’ll share. Honor bright.


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3 responses to “ALIEN WORLDS”

  1. Ariane Weissler says:

    What I’m seeing here leaves me drooling.

  2. Chris A. says:

    After ten years in the “making,” this will likely never see print. writer-artist Bruce Jones has had many fine moments in his career, nonetheless.

  3. Chris A. says:

    There *is* a Web of Horror anthology coming out in spring 2024 with material from issues one through three, as well as the unpublished number four and more, some of which was written and drawn by Bruce Jones. These were from 1969-70, and drawn by Berni Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Ralph Reese, Frank Brunner, Jeff JOnes, and others. A short-lived attempt to rival Warren Publishing’s Creepy and Eerie. Bruce also did great work for those titles, as well as for Marvel’s Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction magazine in 1975-76.

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