Dawn of a Digital Era #ComicCon

For blogRaw Studios is at Comic-Con in San Diego! Our booth number is 5539!

You can join Tom and Tim tonight at 6:30-7:30 p.m. for panel Dawn of the Digital Era in Room 8.


Comic con 6:30-7:30 Dawn of the Digital Era— Join Thomas Jane (Hung, The Punisher, in person with industry stars Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher), Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane), David Uslan (, Branded Entertainment), and Pepe Moreno(Batman Digital Justice, Rebel, to discuss the rapidly emerging digital distribution platform of comics! They'll provide an in-depth look at the creative and business aspects of the digital medium, aiming to demystify the taboos associated with digital comics and demonstrate how they can be more accessible for consumers and profitable for artists. You will learn how it all works together: from social media marketing to worldwide simultaneous distribution on multiple devices. With a moderator like Geoff
 (LA Times Hero Complex), this will be a panel you won't want to miss! Room 8 

8 responses to “Dawn of a Digital Era #ComicCon”

  1. I wasn’t at this panel but I see it very differently I am hyper aware that Tom was tweeting and posting pictures from the conference and trying to involve people who weren’t there into the panel. I have sat on many panels and done things I am sure people could have taken any way. But at the end of the day…we are all human having human experiences on this planet! The way I see it is offer constructive evaluation to someone and then let it go.
    God bless your heart man and have a great day!

  2. Noeland says:

    Scott, all the comments were deleted. Not just yours. Rude and insulting posts are unwelcome and they make everybody look bad. Obviously, Tom took his phone out to take a photo of the audience and tweet and FB live about the DIGITAL AGE panel. Given that the panel was made of people who Tom calls friends, I think you are mistaken here. He took the time to make this video: so I doubt he’s interested in insulting these folks. That’s my take on it.

  3. John says:

    Also, the food thing. You have to remember that Tom is coming as a creator and a fan. He has a booth to run, pannels to talk on and try to look at some things he wants to check out in his free time if he has any. A lot of folks have used pannels to squeeze in a meal(not just Tom) because unlike fans who can stop and eat anytime they want, Tom probably does not have this option.

  4. Scott says:

    Noeland: You are assuming things. I don’t have to assume, I actually witnessed it all. The panel seemed to bore him. He had his phone out as I stated before for 30+ minutes of a 1 hour panel and had his face in it. Does taking one picture and posting it take 30-40 minutes?
    John: It was not just the eating. It was the eating, calling the audience names, use of the cell phone for most of the panel, talking over the other panel members, tapping on the microphone while the others on the panel wear speaking, and taking his shoes off and putting his feet up. There is a thing called respect, and he apparently has none of it for anyone but himself. If he did not want to be there, then he should not have shown up.

  5. Scott – Sorry you did not enjoy your time at the panel and were distracted by Tom. No one is going to be able to talk you out of your feelings here. Personally, I did not feel like he was disrespecting the crowd. He was frustrated by one of our own panelists, and in his own way tried to move things along. When it wasn’t moving along he resorted to showing his exasperation. Unfortunately the combination of events rather threw the whole thing off balance. When we got to the Q&A, the whole point of it is to be concise and rather short with answers so we can move everything along and take as many audience questions as we can. That was derailed a bit as well by long answers that were over a lot of heads and that kind of went on and on. Tom spent MONTHS putting this thing together and I know for a fact he cares about the topic and cares about the fans. I’ve seen it in person too many times to think that this small sample is a microcosm of how he really feels. I don’t expect any of this to change your own feelings on the matter. Tom’s cut from a different mold, and that’s one of the things I love about him. He’s never going to be Nathan (bless him) Fillion at one of these events. He is who he is, and that ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. So again, sorry you didn’t have fun, but let’s also not assume anyone knows exactly what was happening except the people involved. It’s easy to draw an ugly conclusion when you already seem to have condemned the man. I’m also somewhat offended with the phrase “Blond Bimbo” aimed at a friend of mine. Also name-calling of TJ. I don’t recall Tom ever resorting to any of that during the panel you seem so disgusted by. At the end of the day, you are entitled to your opinion, but please leave the rude comments for youtube or some other forum. This is, after all, our front yard 😉 I appreciate you taking time out of your SDCC schedule to come check us out, and I’m sorry it was less than what you were expecting. Cheers to you. Best – TB

  6. Rosella Weigand says:

    Well said, TB! I second your emotion! 😉 I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve never heard anything but warm & kind comments about Thomas Jane. Even from people who aren’t his friends. I’m talking about his fans. I know to never judge a situation from the outside; there’s usually more going on beyond my own knowledge. But I don’t appreciate rude remarks, such as….”Blonde Bimbo” or any of the other derogatory names that were mentioned. There’s really no call for any of that kind of behavior no matter how another person acts. Everyone does have a right to his or her opinions; however, when people resort to name-calling, I disregard the spoken views. I wish that a great experience w/ TJ would’ve been had by all, but it’s always going to be different for every individual.

  7. Rosella Weigand says:

    One of the main reasons I joined RAW is because I’m a huge fan of Thomas Jane. Whether TJ’s having a good day or bad day, I‘ll still continue to support him & remain his loyal fan.

  8. Atlanta says:

    That is Thomas Jane. Every person has got he’s own ways and some people doesn’t like it. That is also the reason i joined this site. After all, i am also a big fan of him. Just a pitty i live so very far away from the US otherwise i would have been there.

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