Living On A Bad Planet


Bad Planet fans be of good cheer – Bad Planet volume 2 Part 1 is on the way this fall! Issues 7 and 8, written by Bruce Jones and Thomas Jane, with art by Greg Staples and color by Grant Goleash and Pete Doherty will be available exclusively at ComiXology – Coming Soon! Issue 7 should be available at end of August with issue 8 making it’s debut at end of September. See all of RAW Studios books on ComiXology right HERE!

Here’s a lucious sneak peek at the art by Greg Staples and Grant Goleash!

Also – Please be sure to visit our Bad Planet Video Game project at Kickstarter! We need your help to bring this awesome game project to the masses. $15.00 donation nets you the game. We’ve got a ton of other great prizes in store for backers as well. Check out the Bad Planet Kickstarter home, here.

As always, discuss Bad Planet, and all other RAW projects at the RAW Forums!

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  1. That lets you zero in on a color group quickly and narrow down your choices.

  2. Not normally what I favor to read about, but it surely was well worth my time. Thanks

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