CALLING ALL INK SLINGERS!  RAW WANTS YOU!  the new website has been launched and we could not be more excited.  RawStudios™ is crawling it’s way from out of the muck and taking it’s first stabbing breaths of fetid, humid air – and we want YOU to be a part of it!

We are looking for a designer with RAW Talent to CREATE A NEW LOGO for us!  The winner of the competition will receive Raw schwag, Raw merch PLUS: World Renowned Recognition as a Pillar of the Community and a Leader of Men.

Think of all the ladies (or dudes) you’ll pull when YOUR NEW DESIGN is THE OFFICIAL RAW LOGO!  – not ONLY being front and center on the WEBSITE — but on genuine COMIC BOOKS! – as well as SHIRTS, HATS, POSTERS, ZIPPO LIGHTERS, KEYCHAINS, BEER BOTTLES (maybe) RECORDS, BOOKS, and specially designed TP used by TJ & TB!

Watch us SIT BACK AND LAUGH while your creation (potentially) makes us millions!  We have launched our contest here: ( giving a brief description of what we are looking for!

But don’t listen to US!  Do what YOU want to DO! Too busy? Like to get ‘paid’ for your hard work? Not here, bub!  Feeling bold? Creative? Outcast from society? Crave recognition? Get Involved!

We look forward to checking out your insanely innovative, simple yet strangely familiar creation! check us out! at

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