Hey Raw fans,

We have a really special treat for you today…the ink is literally still wet but honestly, we just can't wait any longer to show you!  So without further adue, I'm thrilled to give you a taste of even more greatness to come from our new GN The Lycan. Hope you enjoy, we think it's pretty darn spectacular!

                           Lycan pin-up-Color-300.C3

4 responses to “NEW ART FROM THE LYCAN!”

  1. andy collins says:

    Oh man! this is soooooo freaking sweet! Can’t wait for it!

  2. Like Father Like Son says:

    Liam Sharpe getting his Bernie Wrightson on?

  3. Rosella Weigand says:

    Wow! Such tremendous quality! Thanks for sharing! Very excited about the release of it!

  4. Yeah, Liam Sharp is a guy we’ve been watching for a long time. Tom and I had a vision for this thing since it first became a topic of discussion to develop. That vision is a sweet period riff between artists like the aforementioned Bernie Wrightson, as well as illustrators like Gary Gianni, Joseph Clement Coll, and Reed Crandall. This piece was like a ‘try-out’ piece that won Sharp the gig. But expect the art to take on more of a morph of the names above while also letting Liam’s own vision shine through. Stay tuned. This one’s gonna be a fucking doozy! – TB

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