Raw social media

With much of life these days viewed through a very small screen it’s important to know that, when you interact with Tom or Tim outside of our forum, that they are the real deal, as sadly there are people out there who enjoy the art of deception.

Now as much as the guys will not be competing with some stars out there with the level of activity, they do have formal social media accounts. These are the only “real” accounts and if you hear otherwise, well it just ain’t true!

You can either use the links on the home page, or use the “Contact” section of the website, or you can click on the links below and follow

Thomas Jane:

Twitter official : Thomas Jane

Instagram official : Thomas Jane

Tim Bradstreet:

Twitter official: Tim Bradstreet


Facebook: RAW

Youtube: RAW

Or simply put your phone or tablet down, close your laptop or desk top and have a conversation but most importantly be supportive and excellent to each other.


One response to “Raw social media”

  1. Gail Bentley says:

    Good to know – i have no presence on any social media atm but this could be a game changer!! Or will it just serve to feed my already borderline unhealthy obsession with mr jane?………xx

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