RawStudios joins Randy’s Donuts

RAW STUDIOS IS PROUD to announce our partnership with Never Ending Light Productions in the crowdfunded FILM and BOOK on new energy, “RANDY’S DONUTS.”   Raw has signed on to produce the pictorial book based on a little something called VORTEX BASED MATH.   yup, we knew we should have paid more attention in High School, cause sure enough, it looks like math really can change the world – just like Teach said!   VORTEX BASED MATH is some pretty cool shit. It’s based on the research of one MARCO RODIN, and RANDY POWELL took it to the next level, making the theory practical.  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE: Randy’s Donuts

I highy reccommend checking out the links below the vid for more info on this groundbreaking, highly cool stuff.  Tell all your friends you’re ahead of the curve with Vortex Based Math.  got kids?   Tell em that geometry ain’t shit.   And stay tuned for more info on the FILM and the BOOK  –  RANDY’S DONUTS!

3 responses to “RawStudios joins Randy’s Donuts”

  1. I’m curious about the same thing as you pertaining to how RAW’s involvement with the project came about. I’m intrigued.
    When’s the deadline to raise the money?

  2. Nikki says:

    Your post was very informative thank you for that

  3. Nice informative stuff!Thanks for keeping us update..

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