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Actor Thomas Jane (The Predator) and producer Courtney Lauren Penn (Altitude) are teaming up to form LA-based content company Renegade Entertainment with Stephen King novel adaptation From A Buick 8 their first movie project on the docket.

Renegade, which will develop and produce film, TV, games and immersive content, is partnering with King to adapt and produce his 2002 thriller novel about a car which is a door to another dimension.

From A Buick 8 centers around the rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania where the state police have kept a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks for over twenty years. When the town is plagued by strange and supernatural events, it turns out the Buick isn’t what it seems to be.

“From a Buick 8 is a thrilling and deeply personal project for us,” said Jane and Penn, “as we explore a uniquely structured mystery spanning the 70s, 80s, 90s and post-9/11 era, centered around a son’s search for the truth behind his father’s sudden death. Along with first love and grief, terrifying and philosophic mysteries are spawned by inexplicable events connected to the titular car. We are honored that Stephen is supporting our vision of his brilliant, provocative novel.”

Pic becomes the latest title on King’s in-demand back list to reignite. It was once developed as a vehicle for Night Of The Living Dead‘s George Romero and was previously in the works at Hyde Park Entertainment with writer William Brent Bell.

Multi-hyphenate Jane, who founded the graphic novel company RAW Studios in 2011, has featured in three previous King adaptations: 1922The Mist, and Dreamcatcher.

The Expanse star and Penn are currently working on a slate of projects including original and established IP, features, series, graphic novels and gaming.

“Renegade is a story and character-first company,” the duo said about the company. “We believe in those who believe in pushing boundaries. ‘Imagination is the voice of daring.’ We are thrilled to partner with visionary creators who dare to imagine for the now and for the future as we champion innovative ways to share stories with audiences. At Renegade, we believe that in story, as in life, true character is revealed in a storm.”

Penn continued, “Thomas has always been ahead of the curve, not afraid of change, and is an inimitable partner – a sheer force of creative ability, drive and integrity. We began collaborating on a genre-bending love story and discovered a beautifully balanced working partnership that connects a love of the classic and the new. Renegade was born of our shared tastes.”

Jane said of Penn, “It’s rare to find a partner who can merge significant ideas with the intelligence, skill and talent to bring them to life.”

Jane starrer The Expanse returns for season 4 on December 13 on Amazon Prime. Jane will also direct an episode for season 5 of the fan-favorite series, premiering in 2020. He can also be seen in movie Crown Vic.

Penn, a writer and former chess champion, was previously the President of Athena, a content strategy and advisory company. She also founded Boundless Pictures, an independent film finance and production company, where she led packaging, development, sales and production.

Renegade Entertainment and Thomas Jane are represented by Paradigm.

5 responses to “Renegade Entertainment”

  1. Ariane Weißler says:

    Guys I’m just reading From a Buick 8 right now and it’s good stuff! There are so many levels in it. Thrilled to see you both do your magic. I’m hoping you’ll share some hints about the creative process after the movie is ready. This would be the sherry on the cake. In the meantime, my 3D glasses are clean and ready to come to use 😉

  2. Rickard Clevenholm says:

    Hello I’m looking forward to see Buick 8 and i wish you both good luck to your project and hope to see it soon.

  3. Beppi says:

    Sherry on top- Cheers!! Used to have a Buick Super 8, miss it. This might just bring back some memories. Can’t wait. Fan of your past projects! (My reading list just keeps getting longer & longer; I really need to look into quitting my paycheck job.)

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