my great friend and writer/director Adam Alleca sent me some great behind the scenes pics from STANDOFF with me and Larry Fish. thought i’d slip them up here for your viewing pleasure.

enjoy it


this is me when i get to work in the am. generally i like a taller chair to sleep in. but they only had the small ones. that’s filmmaking.

those empties were there when i sat down. i swear.



this lady came and woke me up. she asked if we were filming a moo-vee. then she touched me on the arm. i touched her back. the cameraman took this shot just a second before i yanked her over my shoulder in a move i learned from bruce lee. but this wouldn’t be the last we saw of her.

standoff 1


making movies is hard. on this day, i stood up for so long my feet began to bleed. the script girl kept trying to clean it up but i insisted they leave the blood.  the smell of it helps me get into character.  it’s not all fun and games like it looks.



some movies they don’t pay you a lot. but you do it anyway. so to make some extra cash, i sat on the stairs during lunch and put a cup out. not a lot of people came by, due to we were filming in canadia, far, far away from regular people. but when you are committed to doing what you love, every little bit helps.



in this shot, i’m pretty sure Fish was talking to me about the script and how i should just only say my lines. but i’m a big fan of spontineaty. i really want to listen to Fish, but here the director is saying something about loading the gun.



this is my gun. in a movie, i don’t always have to have the biggest gun, but it often works out that way. this gun, in fact was quite heavy. alright this is actually a posed shot. (those aren’t my real tits fyi. these shots are all un-retouched)



here’s that woman again. sometimes fans can get real crafty about sneaking on set. it’s a problem if they start talking while we’re doing a shot, which this lady did a lot. fans: when you’re sneaking on set, PLEASE remember that rolling means be very very quiet!  here, Fish really is telling her for the last time.

(it’s a good thing my real name isn’t on my trailer door. 😉



child actors require a lot of patience, but this one was so smart. she had a natural quality that tells me she is a star and going to be even bigger when she grows up.     here, the child actor is asking to hold my gun. i told her it was too heavy and she had to wait till she was a bigger star.




that’s all for now. i’ll leave you with the incredible poster for STANDOFF, now playing in select theaters. the explosions in the BG were my idea.

there are no real explosions in the movie, (SPOILER) but since there usually are some explosions in my movies, i think the fans will love it.





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