Post Sac-Con Wrap-up/Halo’s Master Chief

Friends – Another great show in Sacramento this past weekend, and as always, it was accompanied by a post-con trip to RENO for stress relief and debauchery. Major thanks to Anthony L & Carly (Curly) B. We had a full house of madness and a deeelightful drink n draw gathering, without much drawing . . . Undying affection thrown out with wreckless abandon towards, Nick da Hat, Sir Jake of Hempsville, Paul Host, Trevor (MIA) Trevorson, 7th Earl of Badass* – Adam of Kellenberger, that nice couple whose names I can never remember, Little Steven Wyatt, Dan Brereton, James O’Barr, Bernie and Liz Wrightson, Vince Locke (rocks), Chris (Krack-A-Poo) Wisnia, Mark & Molly Bode, as well as, the fine men and women of the Sacramento Police Department . . . . . . .

As a part of the festivities I was commissioned to illustrate Halo’s Master Chief for a free poster giveaway (artwork at right). Convention attendees were also treated to an appearance by Steve Downes (the voice of Master Chief), who was on hand signing autographs for the fans. As an aside, I have to say that it was a complete treat to stand around and watch Ren & Stimpy/New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse creator, the awesome John K, working away on several convention sketch commissions. WOW. Also, it was a great honor to spend some time with the great Mike Zeck Aaaaaand the infamous Michael Golden. Seems like I spent zero time with my buddy, Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan), so that’s one we owe each other. All that cool-tastic-ness, and then just sprinkle on a dazzling dash of Thomas (the torch- bearer) Yeates! It really doesn’t get any better. NEXT time I’m bringing TJ. Vaya con dios –

PS – More convention appearance news coming soon.


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