I won’t waste any time talking about why I dipped below the radar for 24 months. It’s moot.

Instead I offer to show a lot of work most of you haven’t seen. I was only partially productive over the sabbatical so it’s not like hundreds of pieces will magically appear. I’ll display a few a week and after a while we’ll have a little preview gallery established. First looks here – then maybe some of the trusted compatriots can grab the links and post them on the forum (where I will eventually reemerge to a degree as well). Tom’s getting set to tip out to Toronto for months . . . Expanse begins filming season 2 on the 22nd. Even so, we’ve got plans to make some headway on our publishing ventures this calendar year so stay tuned.

Trying to decide which piece to lead with . . . . I know! I’ll do a quick repeat on the Punisher Hip-Hop cover from Marvel. This version obviously has the titles added. Based on LL Cool J’s – Mama Said Knock You Out *


2 responses to “ART STREAM”

  1. Fred Doss says:

    Missed you bro

  2. Just don’t be a [Dark Country] stranger round these here parts. 😉

    & the forum shall await your triumphant return. B)

    — ifc90

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