The Warriors

Not only have I been off the grid for a while, we’re dealing with a brand new website (which we plan to update regularly) . . . If you know anyone who’s a fan of Tom’s or a misguided soul who likes my work, please pass the word along. We want to establish this site as our home, and we want to earn your patronage 😉

Now to business . . . Back in August of ’15 I was contacted about creating a one-sheet teaser poster for The Warriors (reboot in development). It was a very difficult choice . . . I spent all of a nano-second debating the pros and cons before blurting out, YES! I remember well that Halloween eve I spent overnight at me ‘ol pal, Rick Matthews’ house back in 1981. Rick had HBO. I didn’t. BAM! By 8:12pm CST my heart was racing. By 8:30pm, Swan was War Chief and my life was forever altered for the better by a little film that cost less then the last home I purchased . . . This guy, director Walter Hill was someone to keep an eye on. OK, then skip ahead a measly 34 years to the first sentence of this paragraph. THAT, my friends, is full circle.

More soon –

One response to “The Warriors”

  1. I’ll try to recruit some more RAWarriors for this weird-wonderful place, but I can’t guarantee that any of them will show up. Personally, I’d love to see more past members return to once again join in on our shenanigans.

    I very rarely go for reboots (by rarely i mean never), but since they invited you to design the poster, they must be doing something right. Good for them (& better for us 😉 ) !!

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