Thomas Jane Live Q & A

Howdy Folks, On Friday May 17th 2019 at 14:00hrs PST (That’s 2pm for some of us, 5pm on the East coast and god knows what time elsewhere) an exclusive live Q & A will take place on the RAW forum with none other than Mr Thomas Jane!

This is a special treat for fans of Thomas and is only happening here in the RAW house! If you’re a not a member of the RAW fraternity dont panic!!!! you can join in by simply registering on the forum which can be done HERE

Being a card carrying member of RAW doesn’t just give you access to the live Q & A and a chance to talk with Thomas on the 17th but it gives you a whole RAW world to immerse yourself, meet like minded RAWarriors and fully engage your geek

A special thread will be created on the night and Thomas will be available in the forum for as long as his schedule will allow to answer any questions that are posted.

This is YOUR opportunity to ask anything you have always wanted to ask….(within reason HUNG fans!) and Thomas will do his best to answer as many as he can.

Please remember however this is a special treat for fans and is not to be mistreated with any silly, rude or impersonal questions. Anyone not able to follow the simple polite rules will find their questions removed straight away and their access to the forum revoked!!!!!

So spread da word, tell your friends! tell your family, people in the street, your pets and anyone else who might listen to you and register on the forum to join in. Come for the Q & A, stay for the food (food for your soul, not actual chicken n stuff!)


7 responses to “Thomas Jane Live Q & A”

  1. Michael Mayers says:

    I am a big fan of yours thomas from the punisher, deep blue sea, an the mist u are amazing in all of them but i love u man in deep blue sea playing Carter. My question is what was it like filming deep blue sea an the mist.

  2. Krishna says:

    Tom, U remember acting in a regional Indian film in Telugu language – padamati sandhya ragam”way back in 80s? Many of us loved u in that film. Say hi 🙏🙏

  3. Waide Riddle says:

    In the 1980s, and new to Hollywood, I was a young gay kid with a massive and painful crush on you. Ha! Today, I am older than you and an award-winning screenwriter. I have a screenplay, with multiple wins, that I’d love to attach you to. In as well, a short story which I’m preparing to adapt to a feature screenplay which I’d love to also attach you to. I am Managed by ATN Entertainment/Hollywood. Do you accept submissions? Are you even interested? You can find me on Imdb Pro. Thank you. — Waide Riddle

  4. EDEN says:


  5. Linda says:

    Thomas Jane – I think you are amazing. I especially like when you are clean shaven. You have the cutest dimples.

  6. Anna Jenks says:

    Hello Thomas, I was just reading that your considering a told my children I would love to see this mam in a western…go get it…can’t wait.. Be well,Thank you for the awesome entertainment…

  7. Ariane Weissler says:

    Hi Anna,
    Your wish will soon be executed 👍🏻 see the news about The Last Son of Isaac LeMay !

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