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  1. Ariane Weissler says:

    Hey Tom and Tim,
    I’m a bit late around here but I enjoyed hearing you speak about off center graphic novels and movies. I loved reading Bad Planet, and I’m thrilled to discover Dark Country soon. I believe the “graphic novel culture” has been strong in Belgium and France earlier than in the States? If we ever meet one day I’d like to ask you if you know/enjoy Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese, Lieutenant Blueberry by Charlier or Exterminator 17 by Enki Bilal. I guess “Laureline and Valerian” are now out there, even if I think Besson missed completely. For “Snowpiercer” the movie was done very weel. “Largo Winch” was also really nicely done. Do you know about “XIII”? “Blake and Mortimer”? The work of Bourgeois?
    Hope to see you in Europe for the Lycan launch.

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