Welcome to RawStudios v3

finally. we’ve got a website that i can stand to look at more than twice.

thank Andi ‘butwin’ Ewington for that, along with Johnny fuckin Walker.

not that JW, friend. the other JW – Andi’s friend. my friend JW took a walk years ago.

This is the site that Andi and Johnny built. they did a damn fine job of it.

two brits, whom i now owe two beers. two a piece. black & tans maybe. i look forward to the day we can sit in that great pub in london. the one with the bear head.

i like this site. we can add shit to it mobile-y. remotely. on the go. apparently – and i haven’t learnt how to do this yet, but supposedly, i can take a pic that amuses me – my breakfast. my cat. my cat’s breakfast – and i can share it on this damn thing in minutes. seconds, if i was smart. (i’m not.)

so minutes. but will i? we will see.

i say yes, for at least   a day.

i like pictures. not a word man. so the plan is to share some pictures that i like. on here.

why not snapcrack? instacrack? tweeter? no. too much going on over there. very busy that place. busy.

there is something going on out there, in the world – something is changing. some zeitgeist is moving in from over the hills, like weather. i don’t know what it means, or what it is – but i do know it is coming. the world is changing. the world is always changing, but the winds have been picking up, lately. have you felt it? the shit is blowing this way, so keep your hand on your hat and your hat on your head. we’ll talk about it. i come across some interesting stuff sometimes. i’ll share some of it here.

i were you i’d check in, maybe once a week. check this spot. my new years revolution is to throw down with some tid bit of gnat shit right here, once per.

when the site goes live i might even send out a twit, to let ya know. just one. we’ll be updating and refining the rest of the site, adding more pics as they come bubbling up from wherever the hell they come from, nestled down in those ones and zeros in the sky. the cloud.

the wind.

meanwhile, friend, it’s good to hear ya. it’s been a while. what news do you bring me from the wide, wide world? i like hearing about it, i just don’t much feel like i want to go there. not yet.

you go ahead. i’ll be right here.

oh, and stay off the facekook.

makes you loco.


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